Your brain strengthens and stabilizes connections between neurons during sleep.

Your brain strengthens and stabilizes connections between neurons during sleep..


Music Lessons Now could protect your brain latter

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Even the smallest amount of musical training early in life may result in big cognitive benefits later. Research from Northwestern University showed that the longer a participant had played a musical instrument in childhood, the faster their brain responded to sound — even though most of the participants hadn’t picked up an instrument in decades. Recognizing sounds quickly helps us with daily functions like picking conversation out from background noises, and it’s a good indicator of cognitive ability as we age. Did you learn a musical instrument as a child? Share this post with friends and let us know in the comments. 

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How to Make a Heavy Duty Hanger Drying Rack:

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How to Make a Heavy Duty Hanger Drying Rack

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This hanger drying rack is strong, it can hold a lot and it will last a long time. You may have to change the wooden clothespins after many years but that is all. It is easy and inexpensive to make.



  1. Gather these items: plastic coated wire hangers; wooden clothespins; polyester, braided cord; a ruler; scissors; and some waterproof glue.  Buy wire hangers that are exactly as shown and for good reason: thin hangers allow maximum loading. Get the large size wooden clothespins, they will not break and be durable. Avoid a small diameter cord because it will tangle easily and also avoid using a large diameter cord because a large cord will interfere with the function of the clothespin. Use clear nail polish, fabric glue or some other waterproof glue to…

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